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What is the Republican 120 Club?

The 120 Club is one of the primary means of supporting the local Republican Party in Virginia Beach.  It is distinctly different from Party memberships, which involve voting, meetings, rules and requirements.  The 120 Club is a group of Republican supporters who help fund local Republican Party voter contacts and fund our Republican headquarters in Virginia Beach, which is the only year-round local headquarters throughout Virginia.

How to Join?

There are two levels from which to choose: The 220 Leadership Club for annual dues of $220 or the 120 Club membership for annual dues of $120.

That’s it.  No meetings, no speeches, and no requirements.  Dues go directly to the local Republican Party.

Benefits of Membership

  • Official 120 Club Membership Card
  • Lapel Pin
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • VIP Invitations to Political Events

Elected Officials Supported by the 120 Club

Please Join Us

Thanks to your support this past year, we were able to support our local committee and help our candidates turn Richmond Red again!

Let’s continue the momentum, please consider a 120 Club Membership to help ensure our Red Sweep in this next election cycle as well!

Republican 120 Club Chairmen

Brian Kirwin
Brian Kirwin

Brian is a Republican political consultant who has won over 60 campaigns as a strategist. His 20 years in the political business started as a volunteer and grew into one of the premier consulting firms in Virginia. Brian volunteers to chair the 120 club to help fund the local party and help Republican candidates at the grassroots level.

Shannon Kane

Shannon was twice-elected as a Virginia Beach City Councilwoman and ran for state office, appealing to a broad cross-section of voters. Prior to electoral politics, Shannon was a professional fundraiser helping candidates in Virginia Beach. Shannon is a small business owner and a champion for job creators in Virginia.

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